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Worldwide  35299
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Top WLAN Operators

Communities/Private 5420
Commercial 28674
iPass US 13294
T-Mobile USA US 4898
T-Mobile DE & T-Com DE 3888
WeRoam CH 3332
Trustive NL 3182
Swisscom Eurospot CH 2390
Boingo US 2334
BT Openzone GB 1297
GoRemote (GRIC) US 1252
10 Swisscom Mobile CH 858
11 GBIA NL 821

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Hotspots Around The World

United States    11129
Germany    6511
United Kingdom    3116
Switzerland    2298
France    1250
Austria    890
Canada    868
Japan    784
Netherlands    732
Denmark    593
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Submit Location Data

If you are a WiFi Operator or a Community Network with a network of more than 10 Hotspots you may submit your Location Data with our Bulk Import Process as described below.

For smaller networks and single Hotspots, please use our online interface to add your locations (you need to be logged in with your free user account):
>>Add Locations Online

Bulk Import Process

For bulk imports of Hotspot Locations (> 10 locations) of a operator/community we have defined a data format in csv format (can be generated with Microsoft Excel or directly exported from your database engine).


  1. Create a Manager Account and a Operator Profile
  2. Create a csv file containing all Hotspots
  3. Validate the csv file online
  4. Submit your csv file
  5. (optional)Apply minor modifications online

Step 1: Set up a user account and a operator profile on

In order to manage your data, we require the Hotspot Operator/Community to be listed in our directory.
  • If your Company is not already listed, then you will have to set up a user account, and create a operator profile which will be associated to your User Account.
  • If your company is already listed, then you might only want associate the operator profile to your user account. Create a user account and contact us to make you the Operator contact.
  • If you are already a registered user and associated with the Hotspot Operator then you can skip this step.

>> Create a User Account on
>> Create a Operator Profile (must be logged in with your User Account)


Step 2: Create a csv data file

All Hotspot Data delivered to us for bulk inclusion in our database has to conform to our data format shown below.

The following table defines the fields which can be provided by the network operator (those marked with 'M' are mandatory). The first line of the csv file can contain the field names, the following lines have to contain columns with the field values.

A csv file containing a example location can be downloaded here: example.csv.
Field identifierOpt/
csv Pos (col)DescriptionType
HOTSPOT O0internal identifier leave empty or any text (ignored)
UPDATESTATUS O1Is this a new Hotspot, or a modification? NEW (default) or UPDATE
ID O2Identifier of Hotspot number
PROVIDER M3Operator Name Name of the Operator as registered with Hotspot-Locations
ADDRESS M4Adress of Hotspot Text (up to 255 characters)
CITY M5City of Hotspot location Text (up to 63 characters)
STATE O6State of Hotspot location Text (up to 31 characters)
COUNTRY M7Country 2 Char ISO Country Code {CH, US, DE,...}
POSTCODE O8Postalcode of Hotspot location Text (up to 31 characters)
AIRPORTCODE O9Airport Code (if applicable) Text (up to 63 characters)
LOCATION_DESC O10Location description (rooms, lobby,..)Text (up to 127 characters)
PHONE O11Contact phone number "+1-415-885-0200"
EMAIL O12Contact E-mail Text (up to 255 characters)
NAME M13Name of the Location Text (up to 127 characters)
TYPE M14Type of Hotspot see below: Type values
ACCESS O15Terms of Access see below: Access values
SSID O16SSID Network identifier: Text (up to 63 characters)
TECHNOLOGY O17WLAN Technology used see below: Technology values
ACTIVATION O18Open for use see below: Activation values
DESCRIPTION O19Description of Hotspot Text (up to 255 characters)
URL O20Information URL Text (up to 255 characters)
LONGITUDE O21Longitude Longitude format
LATITUDE O22Latitude Latitude format
LAUNCH_DATE O23Launch Date of Hotspot "2002-11-05 08:36:27"
IMGFILE O24Name of image file (in ZIP file) Text (up to 127 characters)

The following tables contain the legal values for the respective fields above:

Type values (words are case-sensitive!)
value in cvs file description
BarCafeBar/Coffee Shop
BusStationBus Station
ConventionCenterConvention Center/Fair
EntertainmentEntertainment Venue
GasStationGas Station
InternetCafeInternet Cafe
CinemaMovie Theatre
OfficeOffice Building
PhoneBoothPhone Booth
PostOfficePost Office
PublicBldgPublic Building
PublicSpacePublic Space
RailwayStationRailway Station
ResidentialResidential Area
HighwayServiceAreaService Area
ShoppingMallShopping Mall
Access values (words are case-sensitive!)
value in cvs filedescription
freeregfree, registration
Activation values (words are case-sensitive!)
value in cvs filedescription
Technology values (words are case-sensitive!)
value in cvs filedescription
802.11bWLAN (802.11b,Wi-Fi)
802.11aWLAN (802.11a, Wi-Fi5)
802.11gWLAN (802.11g, 55Mbps)
802.11bBluetoothWLAN(802.11b) + Bluetooth

If you want to add pictures of your locations to your data then send us a file in 'zip' format, containing the images in JPEG format. We recommend a picture size of 800 by 600 pixels. Note that the maximum size for pictures is 100 KB. Larger files will be ignored. The IMGFILE field contains the name of the image file which you have included in the zip-File. This name will not be displayed on our web page and is for internal use only.

In the csv format ALL columns have to be included for every hotspot. Optional fields which are not defined or left empty must be represented by an empty field ;; in the record.
Lines starting with '#' will be ignored (comments).

A csv format example might look like this (should be one line per record):

Hotspot-Locations;NEW;1;Surf and Sip;474 3rd Street;San Francisco;CA;CA
;94107;;;(415) 392-8353;;SNS (Office);Hotel;commercial;SurfandSip;
802.11b;active;a description;;81.12;12.423;
only with minimal information (should be one line per record):

Hotspot-Locations;NEW;;Surf and Sip;474 3rd Street;San Francisco;;CA;
94107;;;;;SNS (Office);Hotel;;;;;;;;;;
Download our example csv file


Step 3: Validate your csv file online
If you are done creating your csv file, you can validate using our online validation interface.
Note: You have to be logged in with your Hotspot-Locations user account in order to validate files.

Step 4: Submit your csv file to Hotspot-Locations

After you have successfully validated your csv file, please mail it to contact @ You will be notified as soon as your data is inserted into our database.

Apply minor modifications online
Whenever you are logged in to with your user account, you can edit your provider profile and your registered Hotspot data online.

Edit Operator Profile:
  • Go to the detail view of the operator
  • Click the button 'Edit Data' on the lower left side of the detail box.

Edit Hotspot Detail Information:
  • Go to the detail view of the Hotspot you want to modify
  • Click the button 'Edit Data' on the lower left side of the detail box.



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