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WLAN Hotspot Locations

Worldwide  35299
Europe  18307
North America  12512
Asia  2860
Australia  472
Germany   Germany
6511 Hotspots

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Top WLAN Operators

Communities/Private 5420
Commercial 28674
iPass US 13294
T-Mobile USA US 4898
T-Mobile DE & T-Com DE 3888
WeRoam CH 3332
Trustive NL 3182
Swisscom Eurospot CH 2390
Boingo US 2334
BT Openzone GB 1297
GoRemote (GRIC) US 1252
10 Swisscom Mobile CH 858
11 GBIA NL 821

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Hotspots Around The World

United States    11129
Germany    6511
United Kingdom    3116
Switzerland    2298
France    1250
Austria    890
Canada    868
Japan    784
Netherlands    732
Denmark    593
Mexico    512
Singapore    502

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Our Services

Hotspot-Locations offers a range of directory and technology services for Wireless Lan (WLAN) Network Operators and Users.

Global Database of Wireless LAN Access Points

Hotspot-Locations maintains a global database of commercial and non-commercial Wireless Access Points available to the public. A detailed description of all Hotspots allows a detailed search according to several criteria. Hotspot locations are either provided by individuals or affiliate commercial and community operators.

The Hotspot Database of Hotspot-Locations can be accessed free of charge at our site or by adding our free Hotspot search panel to your website.

Full Outsourcing of Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Databases for Commercial and Non-Commercial Operators

Hotspot-Locations offers a full or partial outsourcing service for maintaining the Wireless Access Point Database of a commercial or non-commercial network operator. It offers a WISP to get its Hotspot Location Database instantly up and running with no hassle involved. This service includes as a minimal service the basic database and query infrastructure of, but can be extended to include full Hotspot Location Data Entry and Data Maintenance services.

Uptime and Availability Measurements of Wireless Access Points

Hotspot-Locations offers 24x7 availability testing services for your commercial or non-commercial Wireless Network. To guarantee customer satisfaction all Hotspot network equipment has to be monitored at regular intervals to guarantee minimal downtime. We can automate and facilitate these monitoring tasks for you. Results and Statistics can be retrieved easily from our central servers over the Internet. If network problems are detected you will receive instant notification by e-mail or optionally by SMS.

This service can be combined and integrated with the outsourcing of your Hotspot Database.

Reviews of Wireless Network Technology

Hotspot-Locations reviews on a regular basis the newest developments regarding Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Bluetooth technology. New devices are tested and the test reports published on

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