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Worldwide  35299
Europe  18307
North America  12512
Asia  2860
Australia  472
Germany   Germany
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Top WLAN Operators

Communities/Private 5420
Commercial 28674
iPass US 13294
T-Mobile USA US 4898
T-Mobile DE & T-Com DE 3888
WeRoam CH 3332
Trustive NL 3182
Swisscom Eurospot CH 2390
Boingo US 2334
BT Openzone GB 1297
GoRemote (GRIC) US 1252
10 Swisscom Mobile CH 858
11 GBIA NL 821

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Hotspots Around The World

United States    11129
Germany    6511
United Kingdom    3116
Switzerland    2298
France    1250
Austria    890
Canada    868
Japan    784
Netherlands    732
Denmark    593
Mexico    512
Singapore    502

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Technology Overview

What is Public Wireless LAN (WLAN)?

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is the standard for wireless broadband computer networks. It is already widely deployed in enterprises and it is getting more and more popular as the standard for wireless Internet connections in public spaces. The most common standard is IEEE 802.11b (also called 'Wi-Fi') which offers a connection speed of 11 megabits per second. Other standards are 802.11a (55 megabits per second) and the latest standard '802.11g', which is compatible to 802.11b, but also operates on 55 megabits per second.

What is a Hotspot?

A Public Wireless Hotspot is a area where a computer or PDA equipped with a WLAN module can connect to the Internet through Wireless Access Points. A single Access Point can be reached from a distance of no more than 100-200 meters (300-600 ft.), but there also exist Hotspots constisting of hundreds of Access Points which cover entire Airports for example.

What is a Wireless Operator (WISP)?

A WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) is a company which installs Hotspots and offers the user a unified access and payment method for WLAN usage. Right now, WISPs are being founded all over the world because it is expected that in a few years there are going to exist millions of public Hotspots all over the world.

What is a Wireless Community Network?

A community network is a non-profit organization which operates Hotspots which can be accessed free of charge. A lot of those networks exist in residential areas with the goal to establish a free wireless infrastructure for everybody. Usually Community Networks are local organizations of loosely coupled private Hotspots, but there also exist Community Networks which set up their own Hotspots with money raised from public organizations.

How can I use Public WLAN?

If you own a laptop computer or a PDA with a built-in WLAN adapter or with a WLAN (Wi-Fi) PC-Card then you're ready to connect to Hotspots all over the world. If you own a laptop without Wi-Fi, then you'll have to buy a PC card (will cost you less than $100) to start wireless surfing. If you want to set up your own public Hotspot you require a Access Point and a broadband Internet connection.

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3COM Agere Apple Cisco D-Link IBM Linksys Lucent NETGEAR Nokia Orinoco Proxim